Real Network Marketing Opportunities – Facts and Fiction

Real network marketing opportunities abound online and offline. Choosing which one is probably the hardest part of the journey, but it is a must to choose wisely. Here is a look at some simple facts and outright fictions of starting a network marketing business.

Finding a real and solid network marketing business opportunity is actually rather simple. Once you get past the “nay sayers” you will find that most are not only legitimate, but some have been helping people find success at home for a very long time. Finding one of these opportunities is easy, but finding a solid sponsor and system that works…well, that is the tricky part.

For those of us who have found success in this industry, particularly the health and wellness industry, have found that our success was bred from others success. Yes, we found a viable product, a great compensation plan, but most importantly, we found solid leadership that truly cared and led. This should be top priority when searching for a business in this industry, finding a real leader, not just a sponsor.

The Boom and Network Marketing Online

The network marketing industry at this time is seeing a BOOM! Not because it has truly slowed down, no, not at all. The reason for the boom is because when the economy is down, we are down and when we are down we will fight to get back up again. This particular industry has never really seen slow time, just slow reaction from those looking to build a successful business online or, offline.

There again is another fact! Today we have a choice in how we market our business…we can do this offline, the traditional way or, we can simply learn to take advantage of the Internet and the FREE traffic that is always here 24/7. While there is a learning curve to this, unfortunately there are only a few choice top notch network marketing opportunities that actually teach their distributors and members how to take advantage of the Internet and online marketing. Look for this when researching an opportunity for yourself.

Opportunity Scams?

Are there any scams out there? Maybe, but in reality it is not the company or the products that made people yell scam, it was the fact they failed and that it might not have been their fault. This either came because of poor due diligence, poor sponsorship or, and I am serious here, they were lazy and did not do what they needed to do! THE WORK!

I have seen many people walk into a network marketing opportunity and without clear vision on how to market their products, how to market the opportunity or even know how the compensation plan truly works. Without the training and know-how of these simple steps to success in the opportunities industry how are you to succeed? And, if you are not willing to do the work involved, why do you yell scam when you fail? The blame game, I believe, is the reason we even see the word scam out here, it is usually not the company or product, but ourselves being unwilling to do the work.

Facts and Fiction

If you believe that you are going to get “rich” overnight or even in a few months, most likely you will fail. Now, let me say this, it is not that some have not gotten “rich” in just a few months, I know they have, I have met many of them. This industry, just like any other, takes time to build and the effort put forth in growing it. Is it worth it? YES! Here is a questions for you; “If you knew you would be working from home even 1 year from now…would you give it a try?” OF COURSE!

There are many, many successful individuals in network marketing opportunities, I know, as I mentioned before I have met many of them. These individuals started out with their own backs against the wall. Each had fallen into some sort of catastrophe either financially or, even physically, but they did not stop, they did not give up and quit their dream. They worked, and they worked hard (although the work was not as hard as the 9-5 they did have) to build their business.

Real network marketing opportunities come with a lot of fact behind them for helping individuals find success. They also come with a whole lot of fiction that is either made up for “reverse marketing” or, people yelling scam because they failed…this is just a fact. Before you joining any opportunity however, it is best to know everything you need to know about it, most of all you need to understand it and apply all the training you receive to succeed.

Can Network Marketing Opportunities REALLY Make You Earn $30,000 Per Month Or More?

Would you believe if someone told you that there are network marketing opportunities that could make you earn an income of $30,000 or more per month? What would be your instant reaction? Would it surprise you or would it create some doubts in your mind on the possibility of achieving such a staggering income?

Its human to get anxious to get more information about these network marketing opportunities. But whats the key to knowing if this opportunity is really genuine and is the one for you? There is a deciding factor which helps you realize the potential of any of these network marketing opportunities. What ever the opportunity may be, the deciding factor here is nothing but “VALUE”. So, in other words what you get out of such opportunities and what you can contribute from it is what makes the difference in the end.

In order to earn a lucrative income, you through such opportunities would definitely need to provide an equivalent amount of value, if not more to the people seeking what you have to offer.

To understand this better, lets get to know what is VALUE? Value here, is the relationship between the consumers expectations of product quality to the actual amount paid for it. This can be categorised into to kinds, Physical and Virtual. By physical it could be a product that can be held physically, like a car, mobile phone, computer etc. On the other hand virtual products are online recordings, online courses, webinars, online games, online software etc.

By understanding the VALUE of these opportunities, its definitely possible to gauge and know the equivalent cost in terms of monetary value.

But how would you now judge if these network marketing opportunities are for real and provides value? Consider that you get into an opportunity which claims you can make $30,000 in a month. Following are the questions you must ask yourself to help you make an informed decision in finding the right opportunity.

1)Is the opportunity of benefit to me? In other words will it give me value with the investment in terms of time, effort and money I need to put in?
2)If I go for this opportunity will this opportunity help me provide value to others?
3)Is the opportunity going to help me get direct commissions or only based on other peoples efforts? Or both?
4)How is the support system? Is there someone who really guides me through providing me with solutions, follows up with my clients and also answer their questions efficiently?
5)Will I get to know get to know all the latest network marketing tips and network marketing tools to help me grow my business?
6)Who are involved in the opportunity and are they real top leaders in the industry?

The answers to these simple important questions will give you an edge over others in making the right decision, especially in times when there are so many scams in the internet and when decision making itself becomes a real problem.

There are definitely loads of network marketing opportunities online that claim to provide you with all the network marketing tips and network marketing tools, some which are really good ones and some which are just scams. Once you get into the RIGHT opportunity, just make sure you stick to it and also ensure that you don’t HOP on to other opportunities one after the other before the results start coming your way. What mainly counts is your Persistence, Focus and Patience in the opportunity you wish to pursue to get the best results. Finally, give your total commitment, take action and really enjoy what you do. Then it becomes almost impossible for you to fail.

Just help yourself make the right decision for achieving your income goals, keeping the above points in mind.

How To Add 5 To 10 Leads A Day To Your MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity, Starting Now!

The biggest problem faced by most MLM/network marketers today is finding enough people – or prospects – to talk to about their network marketing company, its products and its business opportunity.

Let’s face it, they’re enthusiastic, they’re keen, they believe that their opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread, and they can’t understand why everyone in the world wouldn’t want to sign up once they’ve seen the presentation.

They’ve told all their family and friends, worked their warm market, spent hours on the phone, hung around the local shopping mall, put leaflets under car windscreen wipers – you name it, they’ve done it!

But all to no avail! OK – they’ve sponsored 5 people in the last 12 months, mainly because they are friends, and they only joined out of pity. Since joining, they’ve done nothing – for one of two reasons. 1. They’re just not interested! 2. They don’t know what to do next!

Sound familiar? If that’s you, then this is for you.

Finding prospects – or leads – for your MLM/network marketing opportunity has changed dramatically over the last few years. The old methods of prospecting no longer work – if indeed they ever did! We all know what happens when we’ve accosted our friends or family just once too often with the latest, greatest opportunity! They cross the street when they see us coming; don’t answer the phone when our number comes up; hide under the bed when we knock on their door, and so on! Not nice!

So how do you go about finding people who really are interested in your MLM/network marketing opportunity? What type of people are they? Where do you find them? And when you have found them, what do you say to them? What’s the formula for success?

Let’s get down to it.

The internet has changed the way that network marketing is done. We now have the ability to make contact with people from all over the world, and of course, there are literally hundreds, thousands of people out there around the globe who are interested in network marketing. Those people are your target audience – or market, so to speak.

So how do you reach them? How do you make contact with them? What do you tell them?

Let me tell you what not to do! You do NOT tell them about your MLM/network marketing opportunity! Why not? Because they’re not remotely interested in YOUR opportunity! The chances are extremely high that they are already in an MLM/network marketing company. However it is true that most network marketers keep their options open – about 97% of them! Hence, they will listen to what you have to say – so long as you’re telling them what they want to hear!

Why are they open to hearing what you have to say? Because they’re looking for answers! Answers to their problems! They want solutions! They want education! Do you think that they just might have the same problems as you?

Where to find more prospects? How to generate more leads? How to sponsor more people?

You can easily add 5 to 10 leads to your MLM/network marketing opportunity if you spend time showing them how to easily add 5 to 10 leads a day to THEIR MLM/network marketing opportunity.

Initially you should not mention your opportunity. Instead teach your prospects a method that will show them exactly where to find their target audience, and what to say to them.

Once you’ve learned to do this, simply pass it on to other network marketers, and you will find that you are indeed easily generating 5 to 10 leads a day. In fact, you will surpass that number in a very short amount of time.

Network marketers ARE looking for exactly this type of information. If you don’t teach them, then someone else will. In showing them how to build their prospects list in a friendly and relaxed manner, you will be building trust. You’ll be able to pass on free information which will be of great value, and you’ll be able to show them reasonably priced resources which will absolutely improve their chances of finally finding success in their MLM/network marketing opportunity.

So where do you find out more about how to do this? You can do that by clicking here for more information. This very same information totally transformed my network marketing business. I was about to give up, but decided to give it one last shot. I decided to try doing things differently, seeing as what I had been doing simply wasn’t working! After doing some research, including using the search engines, I found and learned the methods that I’d like to share with you.